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Dr Ruth Telfer (PsyD, MSc; MSc; Dip Clin Neuro; B.A.Hons)

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Dr Ruth Telfer

I am a Clinical psychologist and a Clinical Neuropsychologist with over 25 years experience in the NHS (community/mental health & physical health) and further experience in other private and charitable settings. As a psychological therapist I have been trained in a number of therapeutic approaches.

In all of my work I aim to assist people to utilise their strengths, resilience and resources in order to cope with crisis, conflicts and change.

I have had particular experience in helping people to manage severe mental health issues, addiction and trauma, and during much of my career I have worked with survivors of stroke, brain injury and assisting people and their families to live with long term neurological conditions.

I have had the privilege of working extensively with multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams helping people who have complex neurological conditions, who are recovering from injury, and who are coping with disability.

I also have a background in Occupational Psychology and have worked in Occupational Health and with rehabilitation of people returning to work after illness, stress or injury.

I have experience of managing, leading and developing a psychological service in the NHS, lecturing at Universities and have frequently offered training to staff and charities regarding many aspects of psychological motivation, health adjustment issues, how the brain works, rehabilitation, psychological distress, and recovery.

My experience has shown me that through working together and collaboratively, drawing on the strengths and ideas of all concerned, workable solutions and helpful and hopeful goals for the future can be achieved.

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Dr Nick Horn (BSc (Hons), DClinPsy)

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Dr Nick Horn

I am a clinical psychologist with over 15 years' experience working in acute, community and specialist mental health settings within the NHS. I have particular experience working with people who have experienced complex trauma, especially in childhood. People with these experiences often end up being given diagnoses such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia and Chronic Depression. Or people might just find that they struggle in relationships, struggle to feel emotions in the same way as they see other people feeling, or struggle to feel that they connect with other people.

I believe that the resources for people to change lie within them, and that therapy is about helping people to connect with their own emotional and psychological resources, and with their own journey of healing. I tend to work from a psychodynamic perspective, which in practice means that therapy is about trying to recognise the repeating patterns in someone's life, and seeing the obstacles these patterns might create. We then try to find more useful ways for someone to get their needs met, both psychological/emotional needs and practical, everyday needs. Often the first step in therapy is just beginning to recognise what these needs are.

Although I work predominantly from a psychodynamic perspective, I have training and experience in a number of different approaches (e.g Existential, EMDR, Group Schema therapy) which I draw upon as and when it seems like it might be helpful. Each therapeutic relationship is unique, and to some extent we have to work it out together.